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Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT (often known as Tapping or EFT Tapping), is an innovative energy-oriented method that has been shown to provide significant results for a variety of issues. EFT operates on the premise that negative experiences and trauma can be stored in the body and continue affecting the way we handle new experiences. It is considered a gentle method of reducing or eliminating emotional and physical distress by stimulating relaxation of the body’s energy and autonomic response system. However, it is possible to experience emotional distress or physical discomfort using EFT. EFT is often used by licensed psychotherapists who are professionally trained in EFT as a therapeutic technique in trauma recovery. 

Introduction to EFT Tapping Video >>

Energy Meridians 

While acupuncture uses needles to apply pressure to the body’s 12 meridian points, EFT uses fingertip tapping to apply pressure on nine specific points. It is believed that these nine meridian points ("The Basic Recipe"), along with the five Finger/Hand Points are the areas of your body through which energy flows to maintain balance and good health. When using EFT as part of a therapy session, the patient does the tapping on the patient’s own body and the therapist helps guide the session by instructing the patient where to tap while saying specific phrases based on the issues that are being worked on.

According to the theory behind EFT, when we experience a physical or emotional trauma, the flow of energy through one or more of these meridians becomes slowed, blocked or reversed. By accessing the energy system while addressing a negative event, EFT can help to smooth out disruptions in the energy system that arise from various traumas experienced throughout life. In comparison to traditional talk therapy methods, there are findings that suggest the resolution of past trauma is faster and more permanent.


EFT is a modality based on the newly emerging field of energy psychology and includes mechanisms in the fields of psychology, mental health, and trauma resolution:

  • Acupressure

  • Imaginal Exposure

  • Somatic, Emotional & Cognitive Activation

  • Nervous System Activation and Downward Regulation

  • Information Processing (new) & Reprocessing (old)

  • Cognitive Restructuring

  • Memory Reconsolidation  

  • Eye Movements, Trance and Sensory Integration

  • Grounding in the Present


In July 2012, the American Psychological Association approved Energy Psychology and EFT as empirically validated modalities. While EFT is still being researched, the evidence thus far has shown that it can be effective in relieving a number of distressing symptoms:

  • To help overcome anxiety, fear, guilt, shame, jealousy or anger

  • To change unwanted habits and behaviors

  • To replace negative thoughts with life enhancing ones

  • To relieve the emotional contributors to physical pain, thus reducing pain itself

  • To enhance the ability to love, succeed and enjoy life

More Information

For research studies on the effectiveness of Energy Psychology and Emotional Freedom Techniques, visit

Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP)

or Peta Stapleton's Research

*Please note*

While EFT appears to have promising health benefits and there is a growing amount of valid scientific research indicating that EFT meets the criteria to be considered an evidence-based technique, EFT has yet to be fully accepted by the mainstream Western academic, medical, and psychological communities. EFT is considered to be an alternative or complementary approach. Please refer to the Disclaimer for further information.

Emotional Freedom Techniques: EFT Info
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